Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kaleido Star Anime Review

When I was a third year high school, I was addicted to this anime that made my dreams grew more and more. KALEIDO STAR!
This anime is an inspiring one because it shows determination in reaching and holding your goals and protect it from other people that will try to destroy it. 
Everyday is full excitement for me to wait and watch this on Qtv. 

The Main characters: 

Sora Naegino 苗木野 そら Naegino Sora

Sora is the main protagonist of Kaleido Star. Her parents took her to Kaleido Stage as a child. Although they died shortly thereafter, and Sora was adopted by her father's cousin and his wife, Sora is inspired by this childhood memory to become a member of the Stage when she reaches adulthood. With her adoptive parent's hesitant approval she travels to the United States to audition. After Sora's luggage is stolen, she stops the thief but is late to the audition. After being dismissed, the owner Kalos, having seen her chase earlier, convinces her to perform in the actual show.

Layla Hamilton レイラ・ハミルトン Reira Hamiruton

Layla is an accomplished and seasoned, but arrogant, performer of Kaleido Stage. She initially shuns Sora out of bitterness, but accepts her after they become partners for Freedom, a performance that is about people who overcome their differences to be free.

Mia Guillem ミア・ギエム Mia Giemu

Mia was born in Holland and is a close friend of Sora's.

Anna Heart アンナ・ハート Anna Hāto

Anna is also good friend of Sora's. She, like Mia, comes to accept Sora after the second episode.

Yuri Killian ユーリ・キリアン Yūri Kirian

Yuri, like Layla, is an experienced performer, yet he's deeply traumatized by a terrible tragedy. 

Sarah Dupont サラ・デュポン Sara Dyupon

Sarah is the main singer of Kaleido Stage from the United Kingdom, as well as the building manager for the dorms where everyone lives.

Ken Robbins ケン・ロビンス Ken Robinsu

Ken is the stage manager for Kaleido. 

Marion Benigni マリオン・ベニーニ Marion Benīni

Marion is a young girl living near the stage

Rosetta Passel ロゼッタ・パッセル Rozetta Passeru

Rosetta is a Belgian-born, French-raised world champion diabolo performer.

May Wong メイ・ウォン Mei Won

May is a Chinese-American ex-figure skater and new recruit who challenges Sora's position.

Leon Oswald レオン・オズワルド Reon Ozuwarudo

He comes off as arrogant, refusing to perform with Sora, because she is not skilled enough for him.

Kaleido Star is just amazing! I could watch it over and over again. 

The performances is worth watching that you will be carried away. 

Watch now!


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